Monday, 4 August 2008

Keeping Discus Fish - Ideas On How To Breeding Discus Fish

It is not unusual that exotic fish owners find breeding discus fish a little bit demanding. The difficult part about raising discus fish is finding the right pair, this arises from the fact that discus fish likes to choose their partners alone, and not everyone suit their favor. In that circumstances, you have two options for your breading discus aquarium fish; you can either buy a pair or raise them together in a group and hoping that they make a pair. The initial option is not the best, since discuss fish pair can be as expensive as few hundred dollars, which is quite a lot.

Hence, the most beneficial option you have is to start breeding discus fish by creating discus group of at least half a dozen members and keep your fingers crossed that you get at least one pair among them. How do you know if they are pairs ? Hopefully, from now on breeding discus fish will not be that difficult if you follow the basic principles. First of all, the new couple will put up demarcation in the tank and will start to defend it against any trespassers. Which means, is time for you to move to the second phase of breeding discus goldfish.

Prepare a separate tank for your discus fish and keep it simple as much as possible. Don't be obliged to put something at the bottom of the fish tank, what they need is a vertical surface that will enables them to lay their eggs. Discus fish will soon begin to spawn. Don't start worrying about the eggs that look whitish, those are the infertile ones, and as for the rest, is possible that the parents may eat some of them and protect the rest. The interesting part of breeding discus fish is that they feed their own siblings for few weeks.

In about 21 days you will have to move the fish into a special tank as is not uncommon that the discus fish might have been injured by their babies who eat their scales for example. Once they are off parental care, the breeding discus fish will begin a new reproduction cycle and you may soon begin to have more siblings afterwards. Throughout the feeding period, water and feeding are essential, hence, make sure no mistake is made.

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Keeping Discus Fish