Sunday, 3 August 2008

Keeping Discus Fish - The Secrets Of Breeding Discus As A Hobby

Discus breeding as a hobby has become so popular worldwide that discus fish keeping has turn into a multi-million dollar industry and discus aquariums is fast becoming the home of this exotic fish. For a lot of breeders, raising this exotic fish as hobby brings huge satisfaction especially when they manage to get some cute baby discus too. It is quite rewarding to see what start as hobby raising discus has turn out to be a lifetime experience. Now what's special about keeping discus as a hobby? Fish breeding is a challenge and many aquarists find that attractive. What make discus fish special as a pet is it beauty and unique social behavior.

It is quite a surprise to those who breed discus as a hobby to notice after sometime that discus begin to show signs of connection to the environment outside the tank in which they reside in. You know breeding discus as a hobby require spending time attending to the welfare of the fish(i.e feeding, checking the tank constantly,lighting etc). It is said that discus recognize it owner quite quickly and they can get close to you as far as even to eat from your hand. It has also been noticed by some discus owner while breeding them that it watch them move round the room and even react to Tv noise.

Apart from their shy and generally peaceful aquarium inhabitants, discus are sensitive to stress and disturbance or lack of protection, they like quiet and close community with other fellow fish from the same species. As an aquarist, you may need to pay close attention to discus cohabitants especially since they like close communities and living with other fish from the same species. It has also been claimed by some aquarists that keeping them together with other species like angelfish will introduce parasites or diseases and small characides like tetras. It is noticeable that the dominant discus would be the first to couple and followed by others if Aquarium water chemistry, Feeding, Lighting and other breeding conditions are met. Once you've notice the couple while breeding discus, you should move pairs into another tank to allow them to raise fry.

Those who takes breeding discus as a hobby, it is important discus living conditions are constantly monitored. You should be careful with the lighting because too much light will warm the water above accepted level and reduces the oxygen level. There's not a lot of difference between breeding discus as a hobby or as a professional, discus require the same amount of attention in respective of which side you belong.

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Keeping Discus Fish